Billy Ryan
11 Jan 2022

There are times when a person’s life can feel like a hamster’s wheel. A never-ending cycle of activities with no course or direction. Many people feel helpless when they come to this place in their life. Such a state of being affects many teachers as well. If you are at a point in your life where you are waking up only to experience the same grind again and again, then its time you remember your Why.

What is a person’s Why? Your Why is the dream, goal or influence you want to have on the world. Your Why is the essence of who you are, a vital light within you that you want to share. A person’s Why is profound, identifying, and flows with the power of ideas. When was the last time you asked yourself, “What is my Why?”

In today’s climate, it’s easy for people to forget their Why. Many people become burdened with distraction (bills) after distraction (car troubles) and have a lack of support. The classroom, your business, the world can create tough moments for a person. If you are in a challenging profession, it’s time to remember the influence you want to have.

The Profound Impact Of Knowing Your Why

Having a clear Why can have a substantial effect on your life. It’s like having an inner guidance system putting you on a path of success. The excitement of a person’s Why helps them overcome feelings of being overwhelmed. Your Why is the spark of motivation, which makes perfect sense as true inspiration comes from within. We may lose focus, we may fail, but in keeping our Why in front of use we remember why we endure in the first place.  

Here are some examples of how your Why can bring benefits to your life.


Your Why feeds your good feelings. People with a clear or strong purpose have a better outlook on life than those without one. Your Why is the thing you look forward to becoming. It keeps you motivated and uplifts your soul to great heights. For authors, teachers, and entrepreneurs, it can also have a positive impact on the most important things, such as the classroom, students, or business partners and employees.

Passion For Life

Having a strong Why brings warmth to our life. Have you ever been so excited about working on something that you would do it for free? That’s passion. That creates a long-term goal. And we want to live with numerous moments of passion and love in our lives. It makes for a grander experience in education and our world.

Physical Health

Studies have proven how having a purpose affects our physical health. If a person does not have a Why, they will see life negatively, leading to feelings of hopelessness. When people become hopeless, they cope in petty ways, including drinking, smoking, and overeating. Remembering your Why increases happiness which can strengthen the immune system.

Career Satisfaction

Often our Why leads us to the career path of our choice. When this happens, people experience much more career satisfaction than those whose careers choose them. Many people would say the profession of teaching is a calling. Entrepreneurs have to be committed to a passion to leave the tradition and security of a 9-5 to pursue their dreams. In this economy, there are people facing a variety of challenges, and remembering their Why is imperative for society to retain high-quality professionals.

Sense of Belonging

Our purpose can give us a stronger sense of belonging to our audiences, customers, classrooms, and students.People are creatures of connection. Having friends, tribes, and families increases our happiness and longevity. Do you feel a strong connection with your surrounding community?

How To Keep Your Why In Focus

Even with having a strong Why, life finds ways to bog us down. In the opening of this writing, I wrote about how distractions can cause us to lose focus. We can become burdened with paying bills, and increased workloads or sickness can cause us to lose focus. If we get to the point of doing the same thing repeatedly, then it’s time to reinforce our Why.

Here are a few ways to maintain focus.

Write It Down

Putting your Why into words on paper can immediately affect your brain. Your Why is now in physical form, putting it closer to coming to fruition. Many successful people write down what they want to accomplish. Keep this where you will see it as a reminder of what you are working toward. Writing your Why does not have to be on paper. You can put it on your phone, pad, or your computer.

Understand Your Values and Purpose

Values are our core beliefs that lead or inspire our mindset and progression.They help us decide what is important to us and provide the answers we seek. Values are directly related to our purpose or Whys. When was the last time you took inventory of your values? Write a letter to yourself of what you value most. Doing this helps strengthen your purpose or redefine it for more clarity.

Set Goals

How will you make your Why or purpose come to be? Here is where short, midterm, and long-term goals come in. I read an incredible story about a teacher who was diagnosed with Dyslexia around second grade. Despite the challenges she faced, she was able to be successful in school and wanted to help other students with disabilities because she understood the challenges they faced. Her Why: She knew how it felt to struggle because of a disability; she did not want students like her to go through that same struggle.

She is a wonderful example of finding meaning in her Why. Her story has become a lifelong inspiration to teachers.

Three Rs of Purpose

Now that you have clarity on your Why (Why you started, Why you want to do what you want to do, Why your purpose will help others), what is the next step in keeping focus? You want to live in unity with our Why. What does this mean? It means your Why is in line with the responsibilities you take on, the role you play in society, and the relationships that flow from your purpose.


A good example of responsibilities would be teachers. Professionals in education have chosen to adopt specific responsibilities in their fields which have an impact on stakeholders (the community). They are responsible for trying to teach each student to the best of your ability. Always remember your best is all anyone can ask of you. In giving your best, you will stay within the guidelines of your profession, showing integrity, dignity, and inclusion.


Your Why helps to define your role in the pursuit of your goals. You become a leader. Meaning the groundwork, you have laid since the beginning will help others to succeed. You can build a strong foundation of meaning, becoming excited at the next turn of your business. Your Why leads you to answers others will seek from you. People are always looking for someone to believe in. As Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”


Your relationships with people in your field help to build your connection and knowledge. Not all relationships are equal, so finding those who align with your purpose is crucial. But it’s the customers that will help to strengthen your Why. When we build strong relationships with our employees and customers,  they become comfortable coming to us for help.

Taking Time To Reset If You Feel Helpless

There are times when we feel we have nothing left to give. When such feelings arise, we can feel helpless. As a magnificent being, you must recognize when it’s time to rest and reset. The term many like to use is self-care. Self-care is addressing the needs of your mind, body, and spirit to refill your tanks with light and life. Here are some ways you can reset.

Simple Steps For Lowering Stress And Finding Focus

Get more physical activity.

Minimize phone use and screen time.

Reduce your caffeine intake.

Practice mindfulness.

Practice Deep Breathing.

Find Mentors, Teachers, and Authors Who Inspire You

When we start out in entrepreneurial business pursuits, it’s important that we find mentors along the way. Someone who has come before us who paved a path to success that we can follow. Such people are mentors and help guide us in our journey of fulfilling our Why. If you form a connection with that person, they can continue to be a source of knowledge and inspiration. If not, then consider finding a mentor or someone you can confide in who will celebrate what you want to accomplish.

If you are not into having a mentor, consider authors who have pursued a similar entrepreneurial course. Many of these great men and women have journaled their success in the form of blogs, long-form videos,  and conducted seminars. Read their books. Books can be phenomenal resources that provide a roadmap of success that you can refer to repeatedly. Your Why is an important matter and a part of you. You must continue to learn and grow to maintain focus and remember your Why.

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