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The Best

On this solo episode of Fix Your Why, Billy discusses the concept of The Best. Wanting to be The Best is a strong motivator, but it can be a nebulous goal. Creating actionable, specific, measurable goals are easier to track and therefore easier to achieve over time in your ultimate aspiration to be The Best. Also, understanding the restrictions/impossibilities around your goals sets realistic expectations for you to reach for. Join Billy as he explores the positives and the negatives of wanting to be The Best!


Interview with Rattana Maoa

Billy is joined by Rattana Mao, Director of Development for Child Care Associates, to talk about her family's journey to America, her initial reluctance to move from the banking industry to the event/nonprofit industry, the values that underlie her decision making to move into the nonprofit industry to help people, and the joy she feels in getting to help children that remind her of her own situation. Her personal story and her growth into the role she has now exemplifies the qualities of leadership that Billy touched on in episode 9!